Out of the Cross

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The stories of the 108 Polish Martyrs of World War II ~ for the first time in English!

The descriptions of the martyrs are small glimpses of these holy individuals. As you read these accounts of the 108 Polish Martyrs, may they become a prayer, a litany in their repetition of Saints heroically embracing the cross. These holy men and women died for, and with Jesus, and they died for us. They died to show us the value of life. They died to show the ultimate love of Jesus Christ for all mankind. They died to rekindle our faith. They died to expose the power of love and the pitiful perversion and weakness of hate.

This little book will inspire you to know and understand the power and meaning of life and of our faith in the love of God.

by Rev. Charles Jan Di Mascola

Paperback; 137 pages.

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