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Total Consecration Items
Monastery Exclusive Items
  • 40 Steps to Easter - with Wood Base 40 Steps to Easter - Prayers and Practices for Lent

    40 Steps to Easter

    The perfect Lenten activity to practice with your family! “40 Steps to Easter,” is designed to be a spiritual assistant through the forty days of Lent which lead up to the Passion and the glory...
  • Turin Crucifix in Rock Mound (included.) Turin Crucifix in Rock Mound (included.)

    Turin Crucifix

    The exquisite Turin Crucifixion™ is a majestic and stunning depiction of the first Good Friday and the death of the Son of God for our salvation! Avidly researched and designed with great...
  • Holy Shroud Fragrance Holy Shroud Fragrance and Box

    Holy Shroud Fragrance

    The Holy Shroud of Turin, the most analyzed and studied artifact in history, is a long linen burial cloth that bears the image of a crucified man. Millions of people believe it is the authentic...