The Catholic Girl's Guide

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A Guide for Catholic Young Women by Father Lesance.

Like the councils to young men, these were originally delivered in a series of conferences to "Girls in the Ordinary Walks of Life and In Particular, for the Children of Mary." The first part is presented as a wreath of flowers on the virtues such as the Sunflower--Faith, Ivy--Hope, Peony--Love of God, etc. These are followed by the councils on choosing a state in life and explaining the virtues of a religious, married, or single vocation. Devotions, Novenas and an extensive index of prayers are included.

The crowning feature is a section devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, including devotions for the Month of May and, in Latin and English, the Regina Coeli, Alma Redemptoris, Salve Reginaand Ave Regina Coelorum, as well as inspiring reflections on all the events of Our Lady's life. As with the Young Men's Guide, Fr. Lasance gathered these from the outstanding writings of Rev. P. Coelestin Muff O.S.B., a man of God and a man of culture with years of experience as a Director of young girls in a Catholic Institute. This is a prayerbook to assist a young girl to mature in the footsteps of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In this book Fr. Lasance counsels young ladies on choosing one's state in life, provides prayers, novenas, a discussion on sodalities, and a devotion for everyday in the month of May.

Printed in beautiful cream paper and encased in a gold-embossed herbal cover with a black ribbon.

Hardcover. 681 pages.

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