Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church

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Chosen by God as the head of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph humbly took on the great responsibility of providing and caring for Jesus and Mary. Throughout his life he had complete trust and confidence in God, and perfect abandonment to His providence. Countless miracles and graces have been given through the power and intercession of this lowly carpenter. 

The lovely image on the cover, depicts Saint Joseph as the chaste spouse and guardian of the Virgin Mary, the foster-father of Jesus Christ, and protector of the Universal Church, symbolized by Saint Peter’s Basilica which the angel holds. The banner Ite ad Joseph encourages the faithful to “Go to Joseph” in all their necessities. 

From the Housetops Magazine issue.

Other articles in the issue include works such as:

  • Effects of Home Influence
  • The Immaculate Conception
  • Living Members of All the Just
  • The Will and Its Executor
  • Conversion of the Pagan World
  • In Christ's Presence
  • Saint Joseph's Help
  • Plainly Speaking


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