Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

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This issue of "From the Housetops Magazine" features the life of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. One of the most influential men of the twelfth century, Saint Bernard should serve as an inspiration for us in the twenty-first. In the age of knighthood he raised the bar when he devoted his life to the noble service of God as a Cistercian monk, bringing many souls along with him to the Gates of Heaven. Bernard achieved sanctity through his zeal, sacrifice and manly devotion.

From the Housetops Magazine issue, published and printed at Saint Benedict Center, Harvard, MA.

Other articles in the issue include works such as:

  • United Strength
  • The Hail Mary Our Battle Standard
  • Fidentem Piumpue Animus - Encyclical of Leo XIII on the Rosary
  • How God Loves Souls
  • Our Lady of the Unprotected
  • Profession of Faith – Creed of Pius IV
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    From the HouseTops

    Posted by Jim H. on Feb 2nd 2024

    I am totally impressed with the in-depth information provided about each Saint! When I think I know about the Saint being described it turns out I really didn’t fully understand how much I was missing out on. Each and every journal is a joy to read and deepens my understanding of our faith and how Mary is reflected in bringing us closer to Her son Jesus.

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