Old Testament Rhymes

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  • Old Testament Rhymes by Robert Hugh Benson
  • Old Testament Rhymes by Robert Hugh Benson


“A book intended to give to children a general idea of the course of Old Testament history from the Fall to the Redemption, especially of those incidents and personages that point to Christ. The rhymes are designedly simple and colloquial, as the book is meant for smaller children only, and the narrative may be thought very sketchy; but it is hoped that the book will form a kind of “thread,” easily discernible, on which the child may learn to connect his more explicit and detailed lessons.” (taken from an advertisement for the book by its original publisher in 1913, Longmans, Green & Co.)

A unique way to share the Old Testament stories to a young audience – and the beauty of rhyme too! Lovely illustrations embellish every page of this quality remake of a Catholic classic!

by Robert Hugh Benson

Hardcover; 8.5x11 size. 32 pages.

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