Calendar of Saints

Calendar of Saints

The Traditional 2024 calendar of Saints

The 2024 Traditional Wall Calendar of Saints.

features gorgeous, hand-drawn illuminations from Dutch book illuminator WillemVrelant. Exquisite in detail and devotion, the beauty of this 15th- century artwork will addtimeless elegance to 2024 and serve as another reminder of the ageless truths of our Catholic Faith. This full-size wall calendar notes Saints according to the Traditional Calendar and includes feasts, fasts, monthly  dedications, and reminders for daily Catholic life. The same Calendar of Saints is also available in two other designs:

Brothers MICM Calendar 2024

The Brothers MICM 2024 Calendar:

This calendar gives a photographic overview of daily life for the Brothers, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, here at Saint Benedict Center. It’s a great way to see a little of their life of prayer and work throughout the year!

The Sisters MICM 2024 Calendar:

Sisters MICM Traditional Calendar of Saints 2024
features inspiring photographs of the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The life of the Sisters MICM here in beautiful Still River is a blessing beyond compare, and this calendar shows just that!

Catholic Calendar Features:

1. Large wall-size format (11" x 17") - A striking presence in any setting.

2. Saints for each day meticulously aligned with the Tridentine calendar.

3. Monthly dedications to deepen your spiritual journey.

4. Holy Days of Obligation, Rogation Days & Ember Days to guide your devotion.

5. Liturgical reminders and more to enrich your daily Catholic life.

For those eager to share the faith with loved ones and take advantage of our friendly bulk prices:

1–3 calendars: $12.00 each

 4–9 calendars: $9.50 each 

10–15 calendars: $7.50 each

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Nov 5th 2023

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